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Paddy Maize Multicrop Thresher

  • Suitable for all type tractors.
  • Threshing paddy rice without breaks straw.
  • Suitable for maize, wheat, soyabean, moong, gram & all types of cerials & pulses.
  • Thresher has three fan for cleaning crops.
  • Maximum output of crops per hour/motor model & engine model also available.

Hadamba (Cutter) Thresher

  • Suitable for all crops like wheat, red gram, sorghum, masoor etc.
  • Suitable for 3S HP & above Tractors.
  • Fededing conveyer & hopper system is available.
  • Suitable for moisture crops.
  • More output with minimum load on tractors.

Pickup (Tokri) Multicrop Thresher

  • In this machine crop cut from field directly feeding in to bucket.
  • Four fan's are provided for pickup impurities from crop.
  • Suitable for 40 HP & above any tractors driven.
  • Elevator system also available it can fill the trolley and bag.
  • Maximum output of crops per hour but minimum worker are use this machine.

Hopper Model Multicrop Thresher

  • Suitable for 25 HP & above tractors.
  • Wheat straw can be of any size.
  • Greading system also available for crops three concave fitted.
  • Maximum output of crops per hour but maximum horsepower required.
  • From 5 HP to 30 HP thresher in different size and model are available.
  • 5 HP, 7.5 HP & 10 HP four steel wheel and bullock cart wheel also available.

Special Maize Thresher

  • No need to remain husk, cover from maize cabs while threshing.
  • Elevator system available.
  • Suitable for 35 HP above tractor and motor / Engine model also available.
  • High capacity machine save a lot of labour.
  • Triple fan for fine cleaning of the grain.